Vehicle Design

One of the exciting things about this vehicle is the fact that it was developed from the ground up for the developing world. Many automotive manufacturers offer or try to offer vehicles for this market by taking an existing product and pulling out features and options to try and achieve a lower price point. Unfortunately the items most important in the developing world such as good gas mileage, ease of maintenance, hauling capacity and the ability to handle the rough terrain are typically decreased along with the other features when trying to lower costs.

The B.U.V. was developed to only add features and options that are needed and value added for the market it is serving. This focused product design allows the B.U.V. to hit a price point unprecedented in the current automotive market while actually performing better in the areas of importance to the target consumer.

The design of the B.U.V. offers several key advantages*:


  • < $4000 USD

  • Durable, automotive parts

  • Added Utilities: power water pump, mill, compressor, etc.

Service / Maintenance

  • 95% less parts than a typical car
  • Common “off-the-shelf” parts
  • Easy access to engine and drivetrain



  • 10 hp engine - diesel or gas

  • 1050 lb vehicle weight

  • 12’ length x 63" width

  • 1200 lb payload

  • 2-wheel drive with differential


  • 50+ mpg diesel (30+ petrol)

  • 40% gradeability - high torque

  • Turns sharp like a scooter

  • 20 mph (32 kmph) max speed

Automotive Grade Components

  • Axle / tires / wheels / hubs

  • Brakes / suspension / frame

  • Expected life: 20+ years for auto parts



  • Low center of gravity

  • Excellent driver visibility

  • Low, controlled max speed

  • Hydraulic brakes

*Source: Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT)

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