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25 Oct. 2010

Watch the latest Webb-TV report from University of Gothenburg

26 Aug. 2010

Volvo IT News: "Fortos Supporting Entreprenseurship in Ghana" Go to article

Randi Jerndal and Lotta Hammarström at Fortos Management Consulting have been working with us on the project since March of 2010. They have been coaches and mentors to the team and both have played an integral part in promoting B.U.V: Ghana throughout the various media channels in Sweden. We're very greatly for their continued support of B.U.V: Ghana!

23 Aug. 2010

B.U.V: Ghana on TV4 Local News in Gothenburg.

14th June 2010

Back from an exciting and productive trip to Ghana. Team memebers Fredrik Andersson and Chris Steele spent the last 7 days touring through Ghana meeting lots of interesting people and establishing contacts to help ensure the success of the project.

**Fredrik working hard to help out the guys shoveling sand for one of the days loads**

19th May 2010

Press Release: "Entrepreneurship Students from Handelshögskolan at the University of Gothenburg Support Entrepreneurs in Ghana"

Click HERE to read (This is a translation using Google. Original Swedish text can be found here)

29 May 2010

"Deras projekt ska ge jobb åt fattiga i Ghana" (Ekonomi/Politik, Göteborgs-Posten)

10 May 2010


Project leaders Fredrik Andersson and Chris Steele are leaving for Ghana on 4th June and returning 11th June. This trip is a very important milestone for B.U.V: Ghana. The trip will take them from Tema to Kumasi and includes meeting potential B.U.V. entrepreneurs, mechanics and business managers. We are all excited to hear about the results of the trip!

3rd May 2010

Coached by Fortos Management Consulting

B.U.V: Ghana is now officially being Coached by Fortos Management Consulting. The team at Fortos will be spending their time with B.U.V: Ghana to aid in making this project a success. Fortos will coach our team in areas such as implementing and achieveing our strategic objectives, marketing and press information, and general project management.  We are very excited to work with Fortos Management Consulting and are very greatful to have such a valuable asset to help us along our way

12 April 2010

Seminars in social entrepreneurship and sustainable business development have been carried out with students from English gymnasium in Gothenburg.

We would like to thank students for their engagement and shown curiosity to social entrepreneurship and dedication to their presentations. We would also like to thank Björn Toresson, principle of the school, Arne Beldau, lecturer in business and Jan Liljeqvist, for giving us an opportunity to inspire their students.

7 April 2010

Vehicles for Change 2010 was a success! We'd like to thank all of those in attendance for all of your kind words and insightful comments about B.U.V: Ghana. We look forward to continuing these relationships and working together in the future.

A special thanks goes to Ola Ekman from Brewhouse Innovation, Fredrik Frejne from Netclean, and Fanny Larsson. Ola and Fredrik delivered incredible messages about how they and their organizations have been involved in social entrepreneurship acting as a vehicle for change. And Fanny's wonderful moderating skills helped keep the entire evening on track.

31 March 2010

A whole day of seminars has been carried out with classes from Gothenburg English School. The focus of the seminars was to present the concept of innovations in social entrepreneurship and importance of building sustainable business ideas.

The team behind B.U.V: Ghana first presented the project and derived from that explained the terms of social entrepreneurship and sustainable business development. Students where set into groups and given a task to prepare and present a sustainable business idea, by finding a problem and elaborating on a business solution, providing both customer and societal utility.

We would like to thank students of the school for their shown interest to social entrepreneurship and dedication to their presentations. We would also like to thank Andrew Potter, principle of the school and Jan Liljeqvist for their involvement and help to carry out this inspiring session.

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